Day 4-This summer is going to go by fast

July 11, 2008

This is Day 4 in COLABORATORY and my 3rd day at Anvil Media Inc, a search engine marketing firm. I have gotten the chance to go to two client presentations one for Conordia University and the other was for Travel Portland. I can tell I’m going to be using Travel Portland’s website a lot this summer! It gives great information about what’s going on in Portland and the greater metro area from concerts to gardens to the best places to eat and drink!

Tomorrow is the first day the two teams are going to meet to work on the marketing/pr campaign for Sameunderneath. We technically only have like 5 days to put the campaign together so we are going to be working our butts off and meeting outside of our scheduled times. Here’s the break down of the two teams:

Lattice Agency: check out our blog!

  • Me (Heather Schwartz) – Account/Project Manager
  • Allison McKeever – Account/Project Manager
  • Whitney Bard – Designer
  • Melissa Casillas – Designer
  • Megan Nuttall – Copywriter

Kiwi Agency:

  • Kimberly Karalekas – Account/Project Manager
  • Mary McPherson – Account/Project Manager
  • Luke Rolka – Designer
  • Christine Vo – Designer
  • Bryan Davidson – Copywriter

Can’t wait for tomorrow to see everyone again, and get together with Lattice to bring all of our ideas to the table. Being at Anvil Media for a couple of days has already given me a lot of good ideas to implement into our marketing/pr campaign for Sameunderneath. See everyone bright and early tomorrow morning.


One Response to “Day 4-This summer is going to go by fast”

  1. Elizabeth said

    Can’t wait to hear how the first day of brainstorming went…

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