Things Happen

July 15, 2008

I have been given a reputation management project to work on at Anvil this week. Check out Anvil’s site to see what it’s all about! Having to work on a client project is such an amazing opportunity, I get to contribute to Anvil’s team and also learn what the world of search marketing means. In saying that, I started the project last Thursday and did about two hours worth of work, and then when I got in this morning and started back where I left off. Then at 4:30pm this afternoon I was told that there was some miscommunication, and I was given the wrong set of keywords to do my research on. Meaning, half of the work I did was just for fun!…

I could look at this situation in two ways… is the glass half empty or half full? And you know what, I’m a glass half full kind of girl. Even though some of the work I did will not be used, I still learned something from doing it. And it only prepared me for tomorrow when I will get the correct list of keywords for my research. Tomorrow, I will be faster and more efficient in my day because the process won’t be new to me anymore. Things happen and for me the best way process unfavorable situations is to try and find the positive in them.


2 Responses to “Things Happen”

  1. Elizabeth said

    Way to go Heather – I love the positive attitude!

  2. Megan said

    heather! why have you been hiding your blog from me this whole time

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