Obliviously, I am not doing a very good job updating this blog, because it is my second to last day here at Ascentium and this is my first post…  I know, I know (keep the comments to yourself).  Mason West, a writer here at Ascentium as well as a member of the PAF Committe, is probably shaking his head at me right now in disgust.

What can I say about Ascentium… well it’s probably the most interesting agency I’ve been at thus far.  Ascentium is an interactive agency but that is just one part of what they do under the larger umbrella of Ascentium.  If I understand it correctly the three parts of the biz are: Interactive, CRM, and Infrastructure.  And magically all the different departments overlap together and are used in a way to enhance the client’s needs.  In all honestly, I don’t know any other company who does something like this, and from what I hear there isn’t one.  James Rice, Creative Director of Portland’s Ascentium explained it by saying (now I’m paraphrasing here), Ascentium figures out creative ways to use technology, and that is exactly what they are doing.

My time at Ascentium has pretty much been me being a fly on the wall.  Just being a sponge and soaking up everything I can and trying to compile it together and make sense out of it.  I got the opportunity to talk with Mike Caplan, Ascentium’s Engagement Manager, who was very honest with me about the ins and outs of the Account Services side of an agency.  It was refreshing to get a straight to the point description of what account people do, and how do be successful in this business.  The main point I took from my talk with Mike was that being an account person isn’t rocket science, but it does require you to have an amplitude for emotional intelligence and a passion to be “on” 24/7.

Not only do you need to be able to communicate with your team and clients effectively but you need to be constantly thinking about what you can do to make them more successful in their jobs.  As a project manager you are responsible for the delivery of all projects across the organization, you are the glue connecting all the different parts together.  So, being “on” 24/7 is a must, or your team will fall apart.

During this conversation with Mike, I kept thinking, “oh this is me, I am that person, trying to please people and help wherever I can”  but then something that Mike said caught my attention.  He explained that you do everything you can for your team and look out for them, but realize that there is no one looking out for you, and that no one is there to make your job easier.  Which is sad, but then I realized he might have been wrong… Mike, you are that person to your PM’s, right?

I think I said this in my last post, but having this internship has been such an amazing experience for me.  Not only have I realized that Portland is where I want to be (sorry Mom, the bay area will have to wait for now) but this is what I want to do, and who I want to be.  And you know it might change 6 months from now, but that’s ok.  For now, I’m going down this path, I may not have it all figured out but I am moving forward in a direction that looks good for now.  And I’m excited to be here!


My Time at Anvil

July 22, 2008

So last Thursday was my last day at Anvil Media Inc. The interns are supposed to spend 2 weeks at each agency but in reality I was only at Anvil for 7 days, NOT ENOUGH TIME! Everyone was is so welcoming, all 12 of them, and knowledgeable about SEM. Even the new employees (who had just been there for a month) were very active in the agency, organizing softball games and presenting new tools they found in all staff meeting.

There is no time to waste when you are at a small agency, you have to jump in and get your feet wet! Being at a smaller shop has several advantages, you get to play a large role in the agency, take on more responsibilities and wear many different hats. At a smaller agency everyone gets to know each other real fast! At Anvil there is a good balance of this. They work really hard, but they also know how to have fun too! I think this is really important when looking for a job, you need to look at the company culture and see how employees interact with each other, and how the overall environment is at the company.

My last day at Anvil was bitter sweet, because I felt like I had just gotten there! I was just starting to feel like I was fitting in and beginning to understand the ins and outs of SEM. But I guess that’s how COLABORATORY is set up, which is the sweet part! I get to experience the same thing at 3 different agencies. Can’t wait for what’s to come. I will leave you with some pictures I took during my 2 weeks at Anvil. ENJOY!

Anvil Media Inc. Logo

Anvil Media Inc. LogoWho can grow the best mustache in 2 weeks?


July 16, 2008

My blog is looking a bit static so I thought I would put up some pretty pictures of my time in Portland so far….